June 1, 2023


Travel day started with a 6:55 AM phone call on my cell phone. Kori woke me up and I silenced the call. I am not a morning person, it takes me a little while and copious amounts of caffeine before I start to feel human. I rolled over and Kori woke me up about an hour later. We had to break camp and fill up our gas tank before hitting the road. I listened to the Voicemail while waiting for MandDy to have her morning go-go juice.

I’m not a fan of flashbacks but like other writers, I am required to go back in time to inform the reader about another time and another short story. Que the time travel sound and graphics. A month ago while in California, Kori and I tweaked my resume to submit for a job opening. The reader may recall that I quit my job to act as Kori’s assistant, be a stay-at-home Dad, and go on this trip. I decided I would apply because why not! I have most of the skills required, and I know the work environment well. So we tweaked. I applied and didn’t think much of it. Ok all caught up.

The voicemail was from the organization that I applied to and they wanted to interview me today. I said that it would be a tight fit being that I am on the road but that I would make time. So we traveled on until around 3:10 when we were able to locate a suitable parking spot with decent hotspot reception. The interview lasted about 35 mins, there was at least one hiccup on their end but we finished successfully. Kori and I got back on the road. About an hour later I got a call letting me know that I was accepted for the position. I start on the 9th.

At this point, we were approaching our destination and we got off the highway and got onto Missouri 109. After a few sketchy tight switchbacks and copious amounts of round-a-bouts, we made it to our campsite. Set up was quick as usual. Much like when we ate at the first In-n-out came to, we ate at the first White Castle. Let me tell you, as a northerner, this was a requirement. Sorry Krystal fans, White Castle has got you beat.

Wednesday we headed into St. Louis to visit the Gateway arch. The tram to the top was like a small egg, that somehow you could shove 5 people into. Well, maybe a couple of adults and 3 kids. I am not a good passenger in just about any moving vehicle. When you cram me into a steel egg, and I can only see out of a 2’ by 4’ window that acts as a door, I am not a happy camper. Luckily the ride is only 4 minutes up. I don’t have a problem with heights so looking out a window at the ground 630’ feet down didn’t bother me. But I had to get back in the steel egg and ride back down, which was no more fun than going up.

We also had tickets for a paddleboat ride, which was located about 300 feet away from the arch. For future visitors to the Arch, you should pass on the boat ride. We could barely understand the captain as he told us about all the different barges and bridges we crossed. But on the way back to the dock we saw that we were only a couple miles from Anheuser-Busch, so we decided to head there next.

We made it just in time to get into the final brewery tour of the day. The tour was very informative. The tour started in the Clydesdales stalls and there were a couple of horses present on our tour. We were told by the tour guide that you could also go to the ranch where the majority of the horses live but that wouldn’t fit into our schedule. The tour went through multiple buildings and we were able to view most of the brewing process. At the end of the tour, we were given a Budweiser that was bottled the day we were there and one draft as a sample. The tour was fun and informative, and worth the money.

Thursday we needed to run a few errands and we had some chores piling up. We wanted to go to Route 66 State Park and acquire a sticker for the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the visitor center for Route 66 State Park was closed and we could not get a sticker. We continued to a couple of stores and the post office. We were unable to find a Route 66 sticker, so we asked the KOA office if they know any store nearby that may have a sticker. She called down to an eclectic store down the road and they said they might, it turns out they did not. So we headed back to the camper to do laundry, bathe the dogs, a haircut, and I cooked burgers on the grill. Tomorrow is a new day and a new adventure, Cincinnati here we come (378 Miles).

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