June 1, 2023

2022 – Year in Review

T – The year started with Kolby Jack undergoing major surgery to remove a large cancerous mass on his left leg. We traveled to Florida and stayed at Kori‘s Mom’s house while she was in California with her middle sister. He has had a remarkable recovery, and thus far, there is no sign of regrowth.

W – We traveled to Washington, DC, for a long weekend in early February. Brrr, it was cold! Kori had never been, so we packed in as many sites as possible.

E – Kori enjoyed a Girl’s Weekend in Orlando to kick off her spring break. Kori brought her mother back to Georgia so that she could pet/housesit for a few days

N – New state added to MandDy’s map! Rob and Kori traveled to southern Michigan to get new hydraulic stabilizers put on MandDy (the RV) and visited with Rob’s family in Cincinnati on their way up.

T – Tons of fishing was done when Rob’s 3 friends visited during his Spring Break in mid-March.

Y – Yummy food was enjoyed during our Easter camping trip in Eufala, AL. Kori got a cast iron reversible griddle from the “Easter Bunny,” and Rob and Kori enjoyed multiple meals with it!

T – There were many laughs and memories made when Kori went to St. Augustine, Florida, for a Girl’s Weekend with her Tampa friends in late April. 

W – Wedding anniversary #6 was celebrated on May 15th, and Rob and Kori enjoyed dinner and putting together their Lego set. 

E – End of May, Kori traveled to Nashville to present with her colleague. 

N – No surgery was done on Dottie’s cruciate ligament because we confirmed that she has an abdominal mass. We decided to stick with palliative care rather than major surgery. 

T – Taking care is her mother post-surgery is how Kori spent the last part of June. Kori’s Mom also celebrated her 79th birthday at the end of June!

Y – Yearning for renovation is how Kori’s mother felt about her spare bathroom. For the 4th of July weekend, Rob traveled to Florida to join Kori, her brother-in-law, sister, and niece in updating the bathroom. 

T – Totally memorable 40th birthday was had by Rob in August. He received multiple birthday cards from family and friends and enjoyed Guy’s Weekend fishing in Tennessee.

W – Whirlwind of a Fall! Kori attended 6 in-person conferences between August and November and evacuated Florida to avoid Hurricane Ian with her Mom and sister, Dyne, who was visiting from California. 

O – One more certification for Rob’s Wall! On December 5th Rob passed another computer certification exam!