June 1, 2023

Seven Springs Lodge, AL

Let me start by saying that I was excited about this campground because it was close to the Rattlesnake saloon, but I should have gone with Amy’s other campground suggestions. Let’s say this site was unique! They had multiple areas with horse stalls, the sites were not numbered sequentially, and there was no signage for the sites.

When we arrived, many motorcyclists were enjoying the Saloon but quickly left when the rains started. After doing two u-turns in a 31ft RV towing, we found someone else in the spot number we were assigned. Finally, we got set up in the mud before the rain started again. We enjoyed an RV-cooked dinner and slept for the 1st night on our new Short Queen (RV Queen) memory foam bed.

Saturday (6/5), we enjoyed lunch with our friends Amy and Ron at 360 BBQ in Muscle Shoals. After lunch, we decided to leave Alabama a day early to get out of the mud and rain and head to our next stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Unfortunately, because of the weather, we did not have the opportunity to enjoy the Rattlesnake Saloon, but we will be back to see Amy and Ron and can do it when the weather cooperates.

We broke camp around 3:00 PM CST and drove through Mississippi while heading towards Hot Springs, Arkansas. During the drive, we enjoyed leftover Larosa’s pizza (thank you, Michael and Momma Babel). Luckily we called the campground (326 miles), and they were able to get us in a night early! Though not ideal, we arrived after dark and quickly set up to not menace our neighbors.

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