June 1, 2023


As we mentioned in the Colorado blog, we decided to take surface roads through ft Collins, CO, before getting on the interstate in Wyoming, and Yes, the roads were so much better. Wyoming is hands down the most picturesque state this far.

Once we arrived at the campground, we got settled in and enjoyed dinner and a stunning sunset. Thursday, I woke early (like usual) and went and got a variety of sweet treats from Cowboy Donuts. They did not disappoint! I had some meetings, so we had to plan our day strategically. We wanted to go fishing, but by the time we could go, it was just too hot, so we decided to do the Flaming Gorge Scenic drive. The 3-hour drive was well worth it. We drove around the entire gorge, which took us into northern Utah. We stopped at a few overlooks and got some fantastic pictures. One of which I used for my virtual background for my evening meeting. Following my meeting, we did some computer work and looked at our itinerary for the next few weeks. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to locate a campground near Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, I think we will need to go with plan B and head north to Montana and skip the northern Wyoming national parks for this trip.

After a good night’s rest, we started our drive to Nevada early. It is a good thing we woke up early. We had to make an emergency stop at Napa Auto Parts. I forgot to put the gas cap on again. Let’s say it wasn’t where I left it on the bumper. Luckily they had one, and it was a quick fix…and this one is tethered!!!!

Off we go to Ely, Nevada (418 miles)!

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